Ponnath DIE MEISTERMETZGER is an independent family company whose company culture has evolved over twelve generations and still underpins our thoughts and
actions today.

1. Our society

We support charity projects and institutions in the region as much as we can and place our orders with local firms wherever possible. We contribute to improving
people’s quality of life with our outstanding, safe and healthy products that are excellent value for money.

2. Our social responsibility

Ponnath DIE MEISTERMETZGER regards itself as a long-established family company with a rich tradition and a high degree of social responsibility towards its employees and their families. For this reason, safeguarding jobs is our top priority when taking business decisions.

3. Our employees

The employees form the heart of our company. Their wealth of ideas, their personal commitment and their skills are the core pillars of our success. That is why the relationships between us are particularly close and trusting. For us, equality of opportunity, safety in the workplace and support for training and further education are a matter of course.

4. Our interaction with one another

We have flat hierarchies and nurture open, fair and constructive interaction across all levels. Our interaction with each other is characterized by mutual recognition, respect, openness and tolerance.

5. Our customers and consumers

Our customers and consumers are the focus of our thoughts and actions. For them we want to be an innovative, competent, trustworthy, predictable, flexible and preferred partner and manufacturer.

6. Our quality

Everything that we think and do is on the basis of the highest quality! We impose this extreme standard on ourselves as well as on suppliers and service companies. For us the highest objective is to provide a flawless full service for our customers.

7. Our suppliers

We work with competent, innovative and reliable suppliers who can satisfy our high quality requirements and have a track record as reliable partners. That is why we have open and respectful relationships with them and seek to be a reliable and preferred partner for them.

8. Our economic success

Lasting economic success is essential for us to safeguard our independence as a family company, and is also required for continuous investments and healthy growth.

9. Our environment

We think in terms of generations. Sustainability and mindfulness in our interaction with the natural world are the basis of both a habitable environment and also
fine food. Acting on this awareness of our responsibility, we undertake to handle resources sparingly and to use environmentally friendly technologies, packaging and transport methods.