Ponnath DIE MEISTERMETZGER sets the very highest standards for the sourcing, processing and distribution process.

Selected suppliers.

It goes without saying that we only work with suppliers who meet our high quality standards and that we regularly check them for compliance. We run quality and hygiene checks on our suppliers directly at their production sites – a time-consuming and costly process but one that increases our own product safety and guarantees that our quality standards are being met.

Raw materials just in time.

We manufacture our products according to the just-in-time principle, using fresh meat that we have delivered daily and that is mainly of German origin. Incoming goods are subjected to strict monitoring for freshness, hygiene and temperature as well as compliance with the specifications of the raw materials delivered. From goods entry to delivery of the finished products, an effective ERP system guarantees full traceability throughout.

Closed, temperature-controlled cold chain.

Our products are popular nationwide and in many other European countries, but they are also very much in demand outside Europe. Among the things that make our products so popular are their freshness and quality, properties which we guarantee with our all-encompassing logistics system in a closed, temperature-controlled cold chain.
It is the same logistics system that ensures our deliveries reach their destination nationwide within 24 hours – 48 hours at the latest.